Who are we? 

We are here for you! 

We are a small group of online health coaches who want you to LOVE LIVING! Life is amazing! You are amazing! You might not know it yet but you are. We are passionate about helping people love themselves by having great health physically, mentally and spiritually. We want to help you feel like a whole person so that you love who you look at in the mirror every morning. 

Our founder, Katy Tait, has a mantra "you have been given power, love and a sound mind". You have the power to make good choices and act on them. You are loved and are created to love, both yourself and others. You can have a sound mind, a mind that is full of peace instead of fears, worries and anxiety. 

We don't know you yet or know what you need but we would love to help you to love living. Subscribe to our five easy steps to go alkaline and contact us! 

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From our founder....

My name is Katy Tait, I'm passionate about people feeling and being their absolute BEST. So many people wake up every morning feeling not so great and my heart goes out to them. I know you've been on your own journey and I can't wait to get to know you and hear your story. 

For year's I always struggled - both physically and emotionally - to feel good and after I had my daughter things went from bad to worse. I couldn't eat anything without being sick! I had no energy, unexplained nausiousness, terrible digestive issues and I was completely miserable. No one could give me any real answers and the Dr's continual question was "are you sure your not just depressed?" I hated THAT question. Of course I felt depressed but that was partly because I felt so awful! 

At the time I felt like I had been sick forever and I was SO FRUSTRATED with no one getting to the core of what was wrong. Even though I wasn't really that health conscious my gut feeling was there had to be answers out there somewhere and someone must know what is wrong with me. After having a miscarriage and finally coming to the end of myself I got to the point where I was willing to take full responsibility for my health and my life. I was willing to do anything, to see anyone, to go anywhere, to give up anything TO BE WELL.

I'm so grateful that I came to that low point because that completely turned my life around. I searched and found some incredible people to help me physically, emotionally and spiritually. I had to be re-educated on how to actually look after myself and after ALOT of changes ONE DAY AT A TIME I started to rebuild myself and regain my strength. It set me on a different path and I am so grateful for that experience. It's made me a better person and I have a much better life now because of it. 

My husband and two children have an amazing life because i was brave enough to step out of my comfort zone and own my choices. My hope is that i can be one of the people that shares with you something that will help you on you journey to WELLNESS and WHOLENESS in your body, soul and spirit.

Then Katy walked into the picture and the rest is history. Listening to her made my heart sing. It felt like a miracle too good to be true but I wanted in. I signed up and followed the program and i haven’t looked back. I am achieving more in my life because my health and energy are better than I have ever experienced and everything just keeps getting better.
— Tabitha