There is nothing more powerful that someone's story of where they have come from and where they have been. Let these stories give you hope and may you know that wherever you are there is an amazing future ahead of you. In every season....


A Facebook friend posted about using this product as a way of alkalising the body which I was told to do by my naturopath. I was initially skeptical but after speaking with Katy I wanted in. When I started taking the products within 3 days I noticed I was bouncing out of bed in the morning (I had not done that in a decade) and I had mental clarity like never before. I even noticed I was better at my job (that stunned me). BUT what absolutely sold me was the fact that I was dealing with EXTREME stress and it felt like no big deal. I felt like I had this internal strength that kept me calm, focussed and energised to push on. I am achieving more in my life because my health and energy is better that I have ever experienced. 


I'm so mind blown on how amazingly effective these nutritional products are. I have always had shoulder problems - regularly dislocating, frequent discomfort and restricted movements (very inconvenient for a tradie). This year for the first time ever I has had no problems. No dislocation, no discomfort, no twitches and full movement. Wow.

My daughter has always had a severe dairy allergy since birth with awful reactions. A week ago she accidentally had dairy (one of our big stresses) and no reaction. So we've tested her numerous times this week and no reaction. After 7 years today she was able for the first time ever to have some of her cousins chocolate birthday cake. She was so beside herself excited. The only thing that we have done differently over the past year is take this product.


Two years ago I had my tubes tied during my third c section. Ever since then I have suffered from incredible discomfort and heavy monthly cycles as well as shocking mood swings in the days leading up to. My husband would hide from me for three days and my poor kids bore the brunt. Lots of shouting and crying. I had NEVER suffered from this before in my life and honestly was terrible and impacting on our family. Four months ago I started taking all three products. I started taking it for added energy after lack of sleep due to three small kids. An unexpected benefit and one that surprised us was that my mood swings have gone COMPLETELY! The first month my cycle took me by surprise as I wasn't ready for it. I realised that it was the first month since my c section that I hadn't had serve discomfort or mood swings. It's now been three cycles in a row with absolutely no side effects. The only thing different in my life is this product. My husband says thanks! 


I was very sick and unhealthy, I was diagnosed five years ago with a serious condition and whilst being treated have had no energy, sleeping was non existent. I was always so tired, my skin was dull with dark circles under my eyes. I had no motivation to anything and would spend my days in bed. My beautiful friend gave me a weeks supply of the product and told me it might help. I was willing and wanting to try anything new if it would make me feel better. So I started taking it and in just two days, and that true, TWO DAYS I woke up from a wonderful full nights sleep, I got up and felt positive and full of energy. I did housework, cooked and event started gentle water exercise classes. The biggest thing for me was all the compliments I received, and are still receiving on how healthy and good I was looking, how bright and white my eyes were, I had noticed that my eyes had gone back to the blue they used to be (they had gone a grey colour). I still cannot believe that all the changes in me started happening in just TWO DAYS. I can't stop telling everyone about this. I tell them to look at me, walking example of what this product can do for you. 


In 2014 I had extreme fatigue, I was a stay at home mum and I need to take my children to school, unfortunately I struggled getting them there most days, I tried to exercise, I tried to push through, I'd sleep in, take them to school late, get home, crawl back in bed, I'd end up picking them up late, only to then delve back under the covers every afternoon, this was my life if I did any activity outside the home I'd be completely bedridden and found it hard to recover from any illness, my husband owns his own business so he wasn't able to take the pressure off of me, nor did I have any family support, I started to loose contact with friends, my friendships started to fail, I didn't want to function, I had no motivation. It wasn't until October that my hair started to fall out, my health hit an all time low. I fell pregnant with my #4 child and all I wanted to do instead of enjoying my final pregnancy was sit on the couch. I lived in a big black dark cloud, I use to be such a motivated energetic person, I didn't even know who this mum was starring back at me in the mirror.

My sister in law Katy, introduced me to the product, I was hesitant to try anything at this stage, everything set me back further than I was before but further down the track I decided to try it. 3wks after my baby was born I started taking the triangle of health. It was like a light had switched on, I had a new born baby and I felt like I could run a marathon.  For the first time in forever wanted to get up and pack the kids lunches, I didn't snap at them, the kids had their mum back and I had the motivation to rebuild my old friendship circles. I'm enjoying sharing my new found motivation with friends and the new people I'm meeting,. And just an awesome added bonus, my hair has stopped falling out and has started to grow back! I have more energy than before and feel on top of the world.