I believe that you were designed perfectly and are meant to experience total wellness. Now is the time to invest in YOU so that you can live the amazing life you were created for. 

Our signature Love Living program... 

The Love Living program is a three month mentoring program for people that want to feel and be their best physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. This live group program experience share the exact steps that I took to overcome chronic illness and become the best version of myself so that I could LOVE LIVING. If you're wanting to be TOTALLY WELL and want the education that most health care professionals don't tell you, this is for you!

 Ready to feel amazing and love your life?  This is your time! 

Our Goals...

The goal of Love Living coaching is to help you on your journey to being totally well so that you love waking up every day and living your life.  This is a three month live group coaching experience by me, Katy Tait, the founder of Love Living. 

I personally struggled with chronic illness, poor digestion, adrenal burn out, anxiety and a cluttered and confused mind. Maybe you can relate? 

I wanted to feel awesome, to love waking up in the morning and not be wishing the whole day was over already. I wanted some answers to why I was physically falling apart but it seemed like no one could help me. Maybe that's how you feel, like you have absolutely nothing left to give and life is just sucking the life right out of you. But believe me, you too, can be completely well and I'd love to show you how. 

Our Intentions...

I believe that we were put together with purpose and intention and be perfectly well. There is no reason not to love your life and feel amazing. This program is designed to support you moving you to optimum health and to give you the necessary tools to be a good steward of your body so you can live a long and healthy life. 

I know you are made to experience more and for an incredible life. It's time to step into that goodness. 

Are you ready to:

  • Learn how to look after yourself? 
  • Wake up every day with excitement and energy? 
  • Feel connected to your purpose and the people around you? 
  • Have mental clarity and not be overwhelmed by your thoughts?
  • Hear health advice that actually gets results?
  • Be inspired by the best health coaches out there? 
  • Get more out of life?

Then this is for you! 

Our program inclusions...

Weekly call with Katy. Get one live call a week with a great health coach. It's all about feeling connected and keeping inspired when doing our program. This call will help you have a great week every week and keep you accountable. 

Monthly in depth educational webinar with our expert Integrative health specialist. Join Brian Morley, with over 50 years of practise experience, for our monthly educational webinar that explores the biochemistry of the body and answers the tough questions on wellness. He will expand your thinking and understanding of how the body works and how to stay healthy. 

12 week module course to wellness. Workbooks with many pages of content including templates, checklists and additional resources. 

Private Facebook Community. Get the opportunity to connect and be encourage with others that are on a similar journey to you. Its so lovely to get well together and see the amazing transformations that take place. 

Visits from other experts that know how to love life. Hear from other people that have walked the journey you are on how they have overcome health, limiting beliefs and anything else that has robbed them of wellness and loving life. 

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