Going Alkaline, what's so great about that?

In my journey to health I had to understand the importance of being alkaline based on what a guy named Otto Warburg discovered. He discovered that disease and pain could not exist in an alkaline environment and he even won a Nobel Prize in 1931 for his discovery. Let's just stop here for a moment. Let's think about this.... DISEASE CAN NOT EXIST IN AN ALKALINE ENVIRONMENT. Think of the worst disease you can think of, it can't survive in an alkaline environment. WOW! 

Being alkaline within you body's cells promotes good health, effective absorption of nutrients along with and VERY IMPORTANTLY effective removal of toxic waste from the body. Alkaline bodies carry more OXYGEN in the bloodstream, have stronger immune systems and recover faster from injury and illnesses. Alkaline bodies require less food to feed the body as there is no candida (bad gut bacteria) stripping the food we eat. Effective digestion can only happen when there is an alkaline environment in the mouth (make things like lemon water your best friend). 

Having a slightly alkaline body increases the oxygen in your blood and cells. Good old Otto Warburg also discovered that cancer THRIVES in an oxygen DEFICIENT environment. So if that's you or you want to prevent that from being you go alkaline and get oxygenated.

When we don't eat enough alkaline forming foods in our diet our body has to work extra hard to bring the PH back into balance. Our body does this by pulling alkaline rich minerals such as calcium, phosphorus and magnesium from our bones, teeth and organs into our blood stream. What do you think is going to happen if our body has to do this over and over and over and over again. We're going to fall apart from the inside out and our immune system is not going to cope! One of the first things my health coach said to me when I was sick was "Katy your body is basically eating itself". It's not a good feeling. 

There are around twelve thousand diagnosed illnesses in the world today and most of these illnesses can be prevented through having an alkaline body. So why the heck aren't we talking about it MORE?? 

You can get a hold of my FIVE EASY STEPS TO GO ALKALINE here to help you begin your journey to going alkaline!

Love Living x