Life, not always picture perfect but it's good.

Life is a gift and while it's not always picture perfect, it's still good. 

One of the reasons i love social media is we can choose what messages we want to listen to. I can't even remember the last time I watched the news, not because I want to be naive and pretend things aren't happening but because I don't want to see the world through that negative hopeless kind of filter. I don't want to be consumed and look at everything through worry and fear. Now of course I want to be informed and make wise choices but I don't want to loose sight of the beauty, wonder and goodness in the world. 

I believe that our world, our universe, humanity were put together by the goodness of a creator. No matter what happens we do not need to be consumed by worry and fear. We can have an unwavering faith that no matter what, goodness still remains. Be still and hear, see and feel the sound of a creation held together by goodness and love. What do you hear? What do you feel? I hear the sound of the rain on our roof, I feel the warm winter sun on my back, a refreshing sea breeze, birds singing, huge trees shading everything underneath it, a smile from a stranger, a hug from someone I love.... 

I believe we are created by love, for love, to give love. Life is one big journey to that love and that is the goodness that I experience day in and day out in every season. That's what I trust in. That's what my unwavering faith is in. I have lots of learning experiences. Things are often not "perfect", some challenges are so challenging and sometimes things happen that seem unfair. When I'm in those times and experiencing negative emotions, I stop and am thankful that its only temporary and I choose to rest in the love and goodness of the creator. The one who wove everything together with purpose and intention. Sometimes if I have a weight that is just too heavy I actually imagine physically handing it over to him. I get to a point where I say "I just can't carry this. It's too much for me and I can't figure it out but you hold the entire universe together. You can take it and replace it with your peace." Then I take a big breath because I'm always forgetting to breathe OUT deeply and I breathe out all that carbon dioxide along with worry and fear. 

Life is a gift and it's good. x